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Water pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater. Almost all water pollution has a negative impact on the organisms and plants living in that water, including humans. A broad category, water pollution is caused by a host of different contaminants, some of which are carcinogens such as Bromate and Arsenic, bacterium such as Legionella, and hazardous metals.

Water contamination: a worldwide problem

A worldwide problem, water contamination today is reaching epic proportions. In the U.S., 40% of rivers and lakes are considered too polluted to support normal activities such as agriculture and fishing. In China, 80% of rivers are so polluted they cannot sustain aquatic life. In Japan, 30% of groundwater has been contaminated with industrial pollution. Many parts of Europe are now experiencing problems with water pollution, which is having an enormous impact on agriculture and the fishing industry .

In developing countries just entering the industrial age, water pollution presents a serious problem. According to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), “In developing countries, rivers downstream from major cities are little cleaner than open sewers”. The UNEP also reports that 1.2 billion people worldwide are being negatively affected by polluted water, and that polluted water directly contributes to the death of 15 million children every year.

Aquifer contamination

In recent years, scientists have become aware of the problems involved in the contamination of groundwater. Aquifers move very slowly: once they are polluted, it takes decades, even centuries, for them to cleanse themselves.

The BiAqua approach is the most compelling solution to the challenge of water pollution that is available today.


2 28-05-2015 Vacancy: Process Field Engineer


2 20-08-2014 BiAqua featured in Water Desalination Report.

2 13-08-2014 BiAqua appoints OrangeBoat as technology ambassador.

2 13-06-2014 BiAqua’s founding father awarded the 2014 NWO Spinoza prize

2 23-05-2014 BiAqua’s first pilot-test results gain recognition at the EDS conference Cyprus

2 6-11-2013 BiAqua’s technology preventing biofouling in pilot at WLN

2 29-10-2013 BiAqua’s solution against biofouling and phosphate contamination will be launched at Aquatech 2013

2 29-10-2013 BiAqua technology proves able to guarantee 10x delay in biofouling appearance when applied to RO membranes pretreatment

2 14-10-2013 BiAqua will be present at Aquatech 2013

2 30-9-2013 BiAqua and Eucodis bioscience scale up enzyme production

2 6-9-2013 BiAqua and WLN form partnership to develop PRT technology

2 13-9-2012 BiAqua in Artemis top 50!

2 1-7-2012 Visit BiAqua at the SIWW'2012

2 7-05-12 BiAqua presents at DSM Webinar on outsourcing development for industry ingredients

2 29-03-12 BiAqua founding father wins Lee Kuan Yew Water prize

2 15-03-11 Biaqua Ferritin validated for its adsorption capacity to remove > 99.95% of 32P (i.e. < 1 ppb)

2 31-08-09 Icos Capital invests in TU Delft water spin-off

5 31-08-09 Icos Capital investeert in watervinding TU Delft