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Icos Capital is an independent private equity firm that invests in European cleantech companies with leading technology propositions in the growth and expansion phase.

Icos Capital’s combination of entrepreneurial experience, its financing track record, and its extensive relationships with international industry professionals has established it as a leading strategic partner in the cleantech industry. In the three years since its formation, Icos Capital has successfully invested in companies that are currently delivering exceptional returns through a combination of dividend and capital gains.

Icos Capital works in close strategic partnership with CSM and Imtech, two major corporations that see value in being at the forefront of the development and dissemination of cleantech innovation, both for capital gains and to substantiate corporate social responsibility objectives. These alliances provide Icos Capital with preferred access to their extensive global network and considerable knowledge base.

For more information visit: www.icoscapital.com

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is a leading European university of technology.

TU Delft cooperates with numerous educational and research institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as with governments, trade associations, consultancies,  and small and medium-sized companies. The outstanding quality of TU Delft's research and teaching is renowned.
For many years, TU Delft has played an important role in the biochemical industry. The university has conducted extensive research on issues instrumental to the industry and delivered many effective solutions to the market. TU Delft researchers have received awards for their methodology and innovation.

TU Delft has several experts with worldwide acclaim in the area of water. Two of these leading experts – Mark van Loosdrecht and Fred Hagen – now sit on the board of advisors for BiAqua.

For more information visit: www.tudelft.nl


2 28-05-2015 Vacancy: Process Field Engineer


2 20-08-2014 BiAqua featured in Water Desalination Report.

2 13-08-2014 BiAqua appoints OrangeBoat as technology ambassador.

2 13-06-2014 BiAqua’s founding father awarded the 2014 NWO Spinoza prize

2 23-05-2014 BiAqua’s first pilot-test results gain recognition at the EDS conference Cyprus

2 6-11-2013 BiAqua’s technology preventing biofouling in pilot at WLN

2 29-10-2013 BiAqua’s solution against biofouling and phosphate contamination will be launched at Aquatech 2013

2 29-10-2013 BiAqua technology proves able to guarantee 10x delay in biofouling appearance when applied to RO membranes pretreatment

2 14-10-2013 BiAqua will be present at Aquatech 2013

2 30-9-2013 BiAqua and Eucodis bioscience scale up enzyme production

2 6-9-2013 BiAqua and WLN form partnership to develop PRT technology

2 13-9-2012 BiAqua in Artemis top 50!

2 1-7-2012 Visit BiAqua at the SIWW'2012

2 7-05-12 BiAqua presents at DSM Webinar on outsourcing development for industry ingredients

2 29-03-12 BiAqua founding father wins Lee Kuan Yew Water prize

2 15-03-11 Biaqua Ferritin validated for its adsorption capacity to remove > 99.95% of 32P (i.e. < 1 ppb)

2 31-08-09 Icos Capital invests in TU Delft water spin-off

5 31-08-09 Icos Capital investeert in watervinding TU Delft